The Barrel Trophy – Best Gold at 80 yards

The Whiteleaf Bowmen Barrel Trophy for best gold at 80 yards at our annual club tournament. It was was first awarded in in 1967. The complete list of winners for each year is as follows

1967C. E. Saunders
1968P. Tuffnell
1969Mr P. Morrison
1970J. Bradmore
1971Not Awarded
1972R. Shales
1973P. Morrison
1974R. Shales
1975R. Waldron
1976Mr A. Bridges
1977J. McCallun
1978J. McCallun
1979R. Brewer
1980P. Elkington
1981B. Funge
1982J. Fair
1983J. Fair
1984R. Woodhouse
1985S. Burford
1986D. Purcell
1987A. McCallum
1988Julie Johnson
1989B. Childs
1990J. Wyborn
1991Ann McCallum
1992P. McCarthy
1993F. Gerrard
1994B. Clifton
1995Mrs MO Morris
1996F. Gerrard
1997G. Whiteman
1998R. Gay
1999Jon Taylor
2000T. Greening
2001Susan Tutty
2002D. Evans
2003D. Evans
2004S. Rayment
2005Not Awarded
2006R. Stamp
2007G. Sutherland
2008T. Griffiths
2009T. Griffiths
2010P. Jay
2011B. Cornwell
2012S. Fowler
2013S. Bradshaw
2014J. Morling
2015C. Roberts
2016J. Morling
2017J. Morling
2018Not Awarded
2019Not Awarded
2020Not Awarded
2021A. Kirschner
2022I. Rehman
2023I. Rehman