Whiteleaf Bowmen Club Championships 2023

We will be holding the Club Championships on 20th August 2023. Sighters will commence at 10:00 PROMPTLY, registration will be from 09:30. We would be grateful for any members that would be willing to help setup prior to this.

This year we will be shooting variants of the National rounds, with the round for the Club Champion being a Long National. These are six dozen rounds, 4 dozen at the longer distance and 2 dozen at the shorter.

Long National                  80y & 60y

National                            60y & 50y

National 50                       50y & 40y

National 40                       40y & 30y

National 30                       30y & 20y

To encourage new members to participate we will also offer a “National 20”, this is not an official AGB round, but at 20 & 10 yards is ideal for those who are new to Archery.

In order to plan for the day can you please complete the form below to enter. Entries to be received no later than Monday 14th August 2023.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the club Tournaments Officer