Open Tournament 2017

The Tournament was held on Sunday 14th May 2017

You’ll find the results here… Results

Club report…

Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Tournament 2017

I was feeling quite chuffed when a couple of days before the tournament I filled the last target space on the Hereford list. I did wonder what would happen if anything went wrong, and as it turned out, I was soon to find out. The evening before the shoot I received two cancelations, then on the morning of the shoot one of the entrants arrived without a bow. Finding a replacement left hand recurve proved to be impossible, so a longbow was presented and accepted, albeit rather uneasily. Furious rearranging of the targets resolved things only for one of the field party to ask where his name was on the list. (Ups..!!) More furious rearranging and, with a very respectable 38 entrants, we were ready to go.

The day was perfect and, with the intermittent smell of bacon cooking, everyone seemed to be having a good time. (That bacon was a real distraction!) As usual, things just seemed to happen behind my back, and before I realised it we had finished the shooting and the raffle was in full swing. A sumptuous tea revived any flagging spirits. In spite of help from James, the eagle-eyed John, and a computer programme, the field party had cleared everything away well before the results were ready.

Things got ever-so-slightly chaotic at that stage, primarily due to the last-minute target juggling act. One or two medals will have to be posted but nothing that can’t be sorted..

Thanks, as always, to the field party, particularly to Churchy and Neil who turned up to help set up but couldn’t stay for the day’s shooting. Many thanks to the Tutties for their BBQ work. (Best bacon butties in the world.!) Carol and Pauline who, not only produced a fantastic tea (with a little help from their friends), but also supplied teas and coffees to any who were in need over the day; myself included. Well done the raffle girls – I’m afraid I didn’t even get a chance to talk to them, even though I did win a bottle. ? We are grateful to Brian and Den for acting as Judge and Lady Paramount, respectively. Finally, a big thanks to all you Whiteleafers for making the day such a triumph.

Next one to look out for will be the Sam Fowler Memorial shoot (The Pope and Young.) in October.


May Sunday Summer Shoots – The Nationals Results

The second SSS proved to be just as successful as the first. Numbers might have been slightly less, but the morning’s shooting was great, helped once again, by the very good weather.

We were all ready to start on time even allowing for three beginners doing their first tournament, and setting up on their own, almost unaided. This, after all, is the whole reason for these shoots; to teach the beginners and novices what is involved in tournament shooting. That, and to try and show them that being at a tournament doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy themselves. It’s time the mystique was dispelled. It really was a pleasure to see the novices standing next to some of our most experienced archers all banging arrows into the bosses.

As ever, thanks to everybody for helping out, and remember the next SSS will be on the 11th June.

That time it will be an American round; 7½ doz, so be prepared to stay until about 1.30pm.

Remember also that there is an award for the highest overall winner of all the year’s SSS shoots.

Not that anybody is interested, but here are the results…

May Sunday Summer Shoot Nationals Results