Winter Frostbite 2022/23

As the temperature drops and shooting time reduces it is time for the Whiteleaf Frostbite shoots. The shoots this winter season will be:

Sunday 6th November
Sunday 4th December
Sunday 8th January
Sunday 5th February
Sunday 5th March

Time: Shooting to start at 10:00 so arrive earlier to help set up the field and your equipment. Round usually takes less than 90 minutes to complete

Round: 36 arrows @ 30m (A 20m Frostbite or 10m Frostbite can be shot for those not shooting as far as 30m)

Scoring on 80cm face will be X, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, M

As in previous years Whiteleaf has entered teams in the Selby Postal League and I will submit the scores each month. This year there will be 2 Recurve Teams of 3 archers, 1 Compound Team, 1 Barebow Team and 1 Longbow Team (all of 2 archers).

This year, as discussed at the AGM, in an attempt to bring the club closer together with archers shooting at the same time, we will only be submitting scores shot by archers who shoot at the Club Shoot on the dates listed above for that particular month. If any archer present is able to shoot a higher score during the same month the higher score will entered for the postal shoot. Any frostbite rounds shot by an archer not shooting at the Club Frostbite will not be eligible for the postal shoot in that month.

There will also be a club handicap related tournament based on Frostbite scores each month. This will be based only on scores shot at the Club Frostbite shoots above. At the end of each month I will let you know who made each team for the league and the points for the Club Handicap Trophy.

Summer County Postal Results 2022

The Summer County Postal was run from May to September with the following rounds shot in each month

  • May – Short metric (Short metric III)
  • June – National (Junior National)
  • July –    Long Metric I (Long Metric III)
  • Aug –    WA70 (Metric 122-50)
  • Sept –   Warwick (Junior Warwick)

Scores were collated by the records secretary and the best scores for the month were submitted to the county.

The results are in and congratulations are in order for the following club members:

Longbow Team Gold:  John O’Keeffe, Jan O’Keeffe, Valerie Davey, Paul Field
Bowman Handicap Gold:  John O’Keeffe
Bowman Handicap Silver:  Paul Davis
Lady Recurve Silver:  Julie Morling
Longbow Silver:  Alun Pugh
Barebow Lady Gold:  Rukhsana Latif