Indoor Calendar 2021/2022

We will again be shooting indoors at Lacey Green Village Hall for our 2021/22 indoor shooting season per the calendar here

We will be running sessions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings (dates that are unavailable are greyed out in the calendar). 

There will be three sessions, ready to start shooting each session at 5.30pm, 7.30pm and 9.30pm.  At the end of each session, if no-one has turned up for the next session, please put away all equipment, clean down as laid out below and return the key.  

Cost per session is (cash please, no cheques):
£3 Seniors
£1 Juniors
£5 visitors (must be a member of AGB and be able to prove if asked)

Please note cleaning protocols for the hall:
*  Continue to use the hand sanitiser 
* Please wipe down any surfaces that you use (wipes, cleaner all provided)
* Sweep the floor (the large broom is in the chair cupboard marked ‘posh’)
* Place all rubbish in the Grundon bin outside the hall
* Turn the lights off and heating down