Winter Frostbite 2023/2024

As the temperature drops and shooting time reduces it is time for the Whiteleaf Frostbite shoots. The shoots this winter season will be:

Sunday 5th November
Sunday 3rd December
Sunday 7 th January 2024
Sunday 4 th February
Sunday 3 rd March

Time: Shooting to start at 10:00 so arrive earlier to help set up the field and your equipment. Round usually takes less than 90 minutes to complete

Round: 36 arrows @ 30m (A 20m Frostbite or 10m Frostbite can be shot for those not shooting as far as 30m)

Competitions: Top scores for each bow type will be entered into the Selby Club Postal League and every score will be in the Whiteleaf handicap competition.

What: A short distance, small number of arrows round, shot on the first Sunday of each month over the winter period, just for club members. Open to all members whatever your ability and for the first time this year there will be a short frostbite round at 15m for anyone not shooting as far as 30m.

An ideal opportunity to keep those archery skills tuned over the winter, meet new club members and get out of the house for a couple of hours. Just remember to wear suitable clothes for the weather and don’t forget your bow and some arrows.

There is no requirement to book in advance, or attend each month, just turn up when you can and be ready to shoot at 10:00.

I look forward to seeing you at some or all of the Frostbites
Good shooting
John O
Whiteleaf Bowmen Records Officer

Whiteleaf Bowmen Club Champs Results – 20th August 2023

Twenty-Three archers eagerly took to the field to compete in the Club Championship shoot this year. With rounds ranging from a Long National for the actual championship, down to a National 30 there was something for all archers.  The weather stayed dry for the whole shoot and shooting started a fraction after 10:00.  With the shoot only being six dozen, almost every end had either a best gold or hidden colour prize for those that weren’t hitting the gold.  In fact, the most nervous times were the search for the arrow that would win the green colourprize and wondering when the Longbow Best Gold prize would be won.

After the final arrow had been shot, the field was returned to its usual look and our secretary Jan quickly put she scores in order and filled out the result sheet.  Our Lady Patron for the shoot Julie then presented the medals and some trophies and the colour prizes of chocolate.  The full results are below but special congratulations to our club champions for 2023, Julie, Paul D, Brenda, Simon, Imran and Junior Man Alex.

Thanks to Neill for arranging the tournament, Julie for being our Lady Patron, Jan for the scoring and results and all those who helped set-up before and tidy up after the shoot.  Hopefully see even more of you at this shoot in 2024.

Results and Photos follow.

Long National – Championship Round
Womens RecurveJulie
Mens RecurvePaul D
Womens CompoundBrenda
Mens BarebowImran
Mens LongbowAlan
Womens LongbowJan
Mens RecurveJon
Mens CompoundJulian
National 50
Mens RecurveAndy
National 40
Mens BarebowMatthew
Mens LongbowAdi
National 30
Mens BarebowDavid
National 30 Junior Championship Round
Junior Mens BarebowAlex
Spot Prizes
Best Gold @ 80 yardsImran
Most Golds UnrewardedAndreas and Kevin
Married CoupleJan and John
Best Gold CompoundNick
Best Gold RecurveJon
Best Gold BarebowAlex
Best Gold LongbowAdi
Red Colour PrizeAndy
Blue Colour PrizePeter
Black Colour PrizeAdi
White Colour PrizeAlan
Green Colour PrizeFrancis

Whiteleaf Bowmen Club Championships 2023

We will be holding the Club Championships on 20th August 2023. Sighters will commence at 10:00 PROMPTLY, registration will be from 09:30. We would be grateful for any members that would be willing to help setup prior to this.

This year we will be shooting variants of the National rounds, with the round for the Club Champion being a Long National. These are six dozen rounds, 4 dozen at the longer distance and 2 dozen at the shorter.

Long National                  80y & 60y

National                            60y & 50y

National 50                       50y & 40y

National 40                       40y & 30y

National 30                       30y & 20y

To encourage new members to participate we will also offer a “National 20”, this is not an official AGB round, but at 20 & 10 yards is ideal for those who are new to Archery.

In order to plan for the day can you please complete the form below to enter. Entries to be received no later than Monday 14th August 2023.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the club Tournaments Officer

Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot 2023 Results

The day finally arrived for the first Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot post pandemic with 28 archers due to compete across all 9 targets.  The ground party arrived early to set up the field with mist swirling around but the prospect of a dry, maybe sunny shoot.  Some sterling work soon had the field ready for the shoot and it was great to see a full field of targets with pristine targets on, ready to greet the archers.

As our Chairperson Julie welcomed the archers and went through the admin, the sun started to appear and 27 archers prepared themselves for the challenge ahead.  The shoot went really smoothly under the control of the judges David and Meera and helped by the fact we only had one missing arrow the whole day.

At the end of a very enjoyable shoot, the top archers in each category received their medals from our Lady Paramount, Jan, and a hastily arranged raffle (thanks to those who provided prizes) raised over £100 for club funds.

Thanks to Neill for arranging the tournament and those archers who helped on the day.

Whiteleaf Bowmen classifications shot on the day
Master Bowmen (and club and county records[tbc])            –           Imran R
Bowman 1st Class        –           Julie M, Kevin J
Bowmen 2nd Class       –           Jan O, John W, Marc B, Brenda G
Bowmen 3rd Class       –           Paul F, Jon S


Summer Shoots 2023

We have decided to re-introduce the summer Sunday shoots to help build the club and allow those who are able to gain Bowman status as this is now only possible at recognised club events and tournaments.

From May to September, the first and third Sunday of each month will be an official club day, with shooting commencing promptly at 10am. The rounds we will be shooting are set out below and precedence will be given to members shooting variations of the relevant rounds (i.e. whichever distance they are most comfortable with). This will allow everyone to join in but no-one will be forced to shoot the round and will be welcome to shoot whatever they wish to but they will need to adhere to the cadence of the official rounds being shot by others.

MonthRoundsNo. of DozenLongest Distance Range for Rounds
MayShort Metrics616-50 metres
JuneNationals660-30 yards
JulyLong Metrics630-90 metres
AugustLong National6100-30 yards
SeptemberWarwicks4100-30 yards

Please ensure you use paper score sheets and that they are completed when scoring each end – you should not transfer scores from an app to the paper sheet after the arrows have been pulled, and in line with normal tournament rules, you should not score your own arrows. Please leave score sheets in the box on the veranda for collection later (John and I will be away for the first shoot but will collect the score sheets when we are back).

Please note that if you arrive late or you want to shoot anything other than a variation of the official round, you will only be able to do so if there are any spaces or spare bosses, and as long as you will not delay the shooting of the main field. Targets will be moved to the shorter distance as soon as the main field has completed the longer distance so if you arrive late and are shooting the round, you may not be able to complete the longer distance.

Work Party – Spring 2023

A big thank you to everyone that turned out for the work party on Saturday 15th April. A few of the bosses required TLC, there was a general clean up and the shooting line now has rubber tiles for easier identification.

Open Tournaments for 2023

We are please to announce that we will be running 2 UK record status tournaments this year. Dates and entry forms below.

Longbow Tournament – Double National

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled for 2023 – all those who have entered have been contacted. If you have not received an email please do get in touch with the tournaments officer.

UKRS York / Hereford / Bristols

14 May 2023
Venue: Whiteleaf Bowmen, New Road, High Wycombe, HP27 0PP
Rounds: York, Hereford and Bristols
Closing date for entries: 28 April 2023
For further information please download the entry form:

Winter Frostbite 2022/23

As the temperature drops and shooting time reduces it is time for the Whiteleaf Frostbite shoots. The shoots this winter season will be:

Sunday 6th November
Sunday 4th December
Sunday 8th January
Sunday 5th February
Sunday 5th March

Time: Shooting to start at 10:00 so arrive earlier to help set up the field and your equipment. Round usually takes less than 90 minutes to complete

Round: 36 arrows @ 30m (A 20m Frostbite or 10m Frostbite can be shot for those not shooting as far as 30m)

Scoring on 80cm face will be X, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, M

As in previous years Whiteleaf has entered teams in the Selby Postal League and I will submit the scores each month. This year there will be 2 Recurve Teams of 3 archers, 1 Compound Team, 1 Barebow Team and 1 Longbow Team (all of 2 archers).

This year, as discussed at the AGM, in an attempt to bring the club closer together with archers shooting at the same time, we will only be submitting scores shot by archers who shoot at the Club Shoot on the dates listed above for that particular month. If any archer present is able to shoot a higher score during the same month the higher score will entered for the postal shoot. Any frostbite rounds shot by an archer not shooting at the Club Frostbite will not be eligible for the postal shoot in that month.

There will also be a club handicap related tournament based on Frostbite scores each month. This will be based only on scores shot at the Club Frostbite shoots above. At the end of each month I will let you know who made each team for the league and the points for the Club Handicap Trophy.

Summer County Postal Results 2022

The Summer County Postal was run from May to September with the following rounds shot in each month

  • May – Short metric (Short metric III)
  • June – National (Junior National)
  • July –    Long Metric I (Long Metric III)
  • Aug –    WA70 (Metric 122-50)
  • Sept –   Warwick (Junior Warwick)

Scores were collated by the records secretary and the best scores for the month were submitted to the county.

The results are in and congratulations are in order for the following club members:

Longbow Team Gold:  John O’Keeffe, Jan O’Keeffe, Valerie Davey, Paul Field
Bowman Handicap Gold:  John O’Keeffe
Bowman Handicap Silver:  Paul Davis
Lady Recurve Silver:  Julie Morling
Longbow Silver:  Alun Pugh
Barebow Lady Gold:  Rukhsana Latif