Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot 2023 Results

The day finally arrived for the first Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot post pandemic with 28 archers due to compete across all 9 targets.  The ground party arrived early to set up the field with mist swirling around but the prospect of a dry, maybe sunny shoot.  Some sterling work soon had the field ready for the shoot and it was great to see a full field of targets with pristine targets on, ready to greet the archers.

As our Chairperson Julie welcomed the archers and went through the admin, the sun started to appear and 27 archers prepared themselves for the challenge ahead.  The shoot went really smoothly under the control of the judges David and Meera and helped by the fact we only had one missing arrow the whole day.

At the end of a very enjoyable shoot, the top archers in each category received their medals from our Lady Paramount, Jan, and a hastily arranged raffle (thanks to those who provided prizes) raised over £100 for club funds.

Thanks to Neill for arranging the tournament and those archers who helped on the day.

Whiteleaf Bowmen classifications shot on the day
Master Bowmen (and club and county records[tbc])            –           Imran R
Bowman 1st Class        –           Julie M, Kevin J
Bowmen 2nd Class       –           Jan O, John W, Marc B, Brenda G
Bowmen 3rd Class       –           Paul F, Jon S


Summer Shoots 2023

We have decided to re-introduce the summer Sunday shoots to help build the club and allow those who are able to gain Bowman status as this is now only possible at recognised club events and tournaments.

From May to September, the first and third Sunday of each month will be an official club day, with shooting commencing promptly at 10am. The rounds we will be shooting are set out below and precedence will be given to members shooting variations of the relevant rounds (i.e. whichever distance they are most comfortable with). This will allow everyone to join in but no-one will be forced to shoot the round and will be welcome to shoot whatever they wish to but they will need to adhere to the cadence of the official rounds being shot by others.

MonthRoundsNo. of DozenLongest Distance Range for Rounds
MayShort Metrics616-50 metres
JuneNationals660-30 yards
JulyLong Metrics630-90 metres
AugustLong National6100-30 yards
SeptemberWarwicks4100-30 yards

Please ensure you use paper score sheets and that they are completed when scoring each end – you should not transfer scores from an app to the paper sheet after the arrows have been pulled, and in line with normal tournament rules, you should not score your own arrows. Please leave score sheets in the box on the veranda for collection later (John and I will be away for the first shoot but will collect the score sheets when we are back).

Please note that if you arrive late or you want to shoot anything other than a variation of the official round, you will only be able to do so if there are any spaces or spare bosses, and as long as you will not delay the shooting of the main field. Targets will be moved to the shorter distance as soon as the main field has completed the longer distance so if you arrive late and are shooting the round, you may not be able to complete the longer distance.