Club Shoot: 2017 Head 2 Head Handicap Shoot

Date: Sunday 10th September 2017

Assembly: 10:00

Morning Round: National (or for beginners/juniors Short, Junior or Short Junior versions)

Afternoon Round: Head 2 Head Handicap Shoot shooting at 30m (or shorter if you can’t reach)

Open to archers of all abilities and any bow type, this is like the matches from the Olympics but with a big difference. With the allocation of an allowance, every archer now has as much chance of winning as the next. Shoot well on the day and you can beat the best archers in the club even if you have just completed your beginners lessons. This is a fun shoot just for club members so hopefully see you there.
Bring your own lunch and help setting up the field beforehand would be appreciated

John O’Keeffe
Records Officer