Whiteleaf Bowmen Committee

The Whiteleaf Bowmen committee comprises 12-13 members, all volunteers from the club who take various roles as outlined below to support & develop the club for the benefit of all members.

The terms of reference for the club is formalised in the Club Constitution and ratified on an annual basis as part of the Club Annual General Meeting, which is open to all members to attend.

Role Description of Responsibilities
PresidentThe President is elected for a three-year term and then annually if so desires. Duties include Chairing Annual General Meetings until the Chairman is elected when he/she takes over, attends committee meetings as a representative of the general membership by invitation of the committee. Represent the club at external organisations.
Chair / Vice-Chair The Chair presides over all club matters (incl. meetings) in a fair and impartial manner. In regards to Club meetings the Chair ensures the committee sticks to the agenda, discussions are relevant and not overlong, all relevant points of view are considered, and all decisions reached and matters agreed are clearly captured in the meeting minutes. Additional roles include;
  • to act as mediator in any dispute that involves any contravention or misunderstanding of the club’s constitution or rules
  • to act as Host at all official club events; o present awards, trophies etc., at club Tournaments and Championships
  • to delegate duties and responsibilities to other committee members as appropriate
  • represent the club at external organisations
  • chair Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General meetings and committee meetings as appropriate.
Treasurer The Treasurer is responsible for all the financials related to the club, which at least include the following;
  • Administer the bank account
  • Check and pay or query all bills as needed, using cheque or electronic banking or petty cash for minor amounts
  • Attend committee meetings whenever possible – meetings are every 6 weeks alternating between Monday and Tuesday
  • Produce a budget to allow the committee to plan accordingly
  • Liaise with other committee members as necessary – mainly membership and Secretary – to provide prompt reporting of monies received from members via transfer – usually membership, clothing purchases and Christmas meal
  • At the end of September produce a set of accounts comprising I&E account and Balance sheet and ensure asset register is updated
  • Have produced accounts audited in time for AGM (assuming committee has appointed an auditor)
  • Liaise with HMRC over any tax matters and matters arising from CASC status – Any changes to the constitution must be approved by HMRC to maintain CASC status (see HMRC CASC documentation)
  • Liaise with suppliers as necessary – eg to inform those requiring access of changes to gate code etc
Secretary The role of the Secretary includes:
  • Generate and publish the committee meeting agenda to all committee members
  • Record the minutes of the meeting and publish a draft to all committee members promptly for review and comments
  • Incorporate comments into the final draft for approval at the next meeting. Print agreed minutes and file in Minutes folder in clubhouse for membership to review should they so wish
  • Follow up on outstanding actions for inclusion in the agenda for the next meeting
  • Generate and publish agenda for AGM, collect officers’ reports, accounts, email to membership 21 days before meeting
  • Hold all the club’s legal and governance documentation
  • Ensure the club is compliant with all relevant legislation and contracts
  • Enter into contracts on the club’s behalf
  • Negotiate contracts with external suppliers on the club’s behalf as necessary
  • Email membership on all relevant matters, ie club rules, tournaments, work parties, etc
  • Be the first point of contact for any new general enquiry
Beginners Course


The role of the Beginners Course Co-Ordinator includes the following responsibilities:
  • Act as the first point of contact for all beginners enquiries & interest in Archery courses
  • Arrange the multiple Beginners courses throughout the year including arranging coaches and helpers as necessary
  • Ensure the correct allocation of bows, arrows & associated equipment to beginners as part of the courses
  • Manage the rental of all bows, arrows & associated equipment outside of the beginners courses
  • Ensure that the grounds & equipment are available & suitable for beginners courses
Fun Shoot


The role of the Fun Shoot Co-Ordinator includes the following responsibilities:
  • Act as the first point of contact for all interested groups who would like to arrange an Archery Fun-Shoot
  • Arrange the logistics around the booked Fun Shoots including arranging coaches and helpers as necessary as well as all contact with the arranging groups
  • Ensure the correct allocation of bows, arrows & associated equipment to fun shoot participants as necessary
  • Ensure that the grounds & equipment are available & suitable for fun shoots as arranged
Child Protection


— Under Construction —
Membership Secretary The role of the Membership Secretary includes the following responsibilities:
  • Maintain up to date records of all club members including all data held by Archery GB, Southern Counties & Bucks County Archery associations
  • Attend club shoots for new beginners to offer membership and explain the relevant details including fees etc.
  • Periodically check payments against the membership list and resolve any discrepancies
  • Record fees paid to the club and to Archery GB and other external organisations
  • Record members’ registration with Archery GB and other external organisations
  • Act as the first point of contact for all individuals interested in joining Whiteleaf Bowmen as a member
  • Provide information to members on request of all the information held on them as part of our Data Privacy commitments to members (see separate Data Privacy policy)
Grounds &

Equipment Officer

The Grounds & Equipment Officers are responsible for the procurement and on-going maintenance of club bows, arrows and targets as well as all the ground & buildings. Responsibilities include:
  • Periodic review of equipment to ensure fit for use and recommendation to committee of any replacement needs
  • On authorisation of the committee, procuring replacement equipment taking due care to obtain competitive prices and not exceeding spend agreed with the committee
  • Liaison with Club Treasurer in payment of invoices for procured equipment
  • Routine maintenance of bows and arrows and maintenance of list of bows owned by the Club
  • Check of bows and arrows in advance of beginners courses, for allocation by the beginners course co-ordinator
  • Maintenance of all targets and target frames, to include periodic rotation of Danage blocks (to spread wear and tear), routine maintenance of tie wraps/black tape to cover major splinters etc
  • Maintenance and tidiness of target store
  • Co-ordination of periodic working parties for target & grounds maintenance (liaising with Secretary to request help from members) – tend to take place 2-3 times per year
  • Maintenance of the grounds & clubhouse including ensuring that the grass is cut on the field etc.
Records Officer The role of the Records Officer includes the following:
  • Collect scoresheets from club hut or indoor venue and enter the scores into Golden Records software.
  • Maintain records on the software, adding new archers, new scores, new seasons and noting club records and archers shooting better than average.
  • Providing handicap information when requested through the season including prints of current handicaps for the club hut.
  • Providing a list of those archers who have gained new classifications or broken/set club records for the December and April awards evenings.
  • Providing current handicaps to calculate performances and points for the outdoor frostbite competition and indoor BA handicap competition.
  • Submit scores externally for BA Indoor indoor Portsmouth Shoots
  • Submit scores externally for Frostbite competition
  • Run the club Head 2 Head handicap competition
Tournaments Officer The role of the Tournaments Officer includes the following responsibilities:
  • Fix dates for future competitions & tournaments including club specific events. Note: This is done at committee meetings and usually follows an annual format. (eg. First Sunday in April, or a week after the Pagoda shoot.etc.)
  • Send out communications to Club members regarding competitions and tournaments of interest.
  • Arrange helpers for all duties associated with club competitions including cleaning, signs, trophies/medals, targets & score sheets, clearing away afterwards & also key roles incl. Lady P, Judge, and scorer
  • Arranging the Club open shoots, twice a year (Club Longbow & Open Hereford shoots) including publicising these to non-club members