Whiteleaf Longbow Open Tournament 2019 Results

Sunday 28th April 2019 – Double National

Twenty four archers competed in the annual Longbow open tournament at Whiteleaf Bowmen this April. The weather held dry for the event with an overcast and windy start to the day, easing off in the afternoon.

Congratulations to all our winners & a special thanks to Carol and Pauline for the teas and cakes, Stuart and John for the BBQ, John the Lord Patron and all who helped setting up and then clearing the field. Well done to Andy and Georgina for running the shoot and hopefully see every again next year.

The summary results from the Longbow Open (28th April 2019) are shown below & the full version attached here.


  1. Roger Spellane (Aquarius AC) – score: 775 (Gold)
  2. Peter King (Whiteleaf Bowmen) – score: 721 (Silver)
  3. Pete Price (Aquarius AC) – score: 705 (Bronze)
  4. Allun Pugh (Whiteleaf Bowmen) – score: 635 (Best Arrow Average, unrewarded)


  1. Sue Crowe (South Bucks Archers) – score: 389 (Gold)
  2. Jan O’Keeffe (Whiteleaf Bowmen) – score: 383 (Silver)
  3. Sue Tutty (Whiteleaf Bowmen) – score: 267 (Bronze)


  1. Matthew Powell (Whiteleaf Bowmen) – score: 120 (Gold)