Summer County Postal Results 2022

The Summer County Postal was run from May to September with the following rounds shot in each month

  • May – Short metric (Short metric III)
  • June – National (Junior National)
  • July –    Long Metric I (Long Metric III)
  • Aug –    WA70 (Metric 122-50)
  • Sept –   Warwick (Junior Warwick)

Scores were collated by the records secretary and the best scores for the month were submitted to the county.

The results are in and congratulations are in order for the following club members:

Longbow Team Gold:  John O’Keeffe, Jan O’Keeffe, Valerie Davey, Paul Field
Bowman Handicap Gold:  John O’Keeffe
Bowman Handicap Silver:  Paul Davis
Lady Recurve Silver:  Julie Morling
Longbow Silver:  Alun Pugh
Barebow Lady Gold:  Rukhsana Latif