Whiteleaf Bowmen 2017 Head – 2 – Head Shoot

The third annual H2H shoot took place under cloudy skies, a light breeze and no sun to speak of. Thanks to Mark and Paul who had already set the field up when I arrived and a slow trickle of archers arrived, before 12 of us took aim for the National round to sort out rankings for the afternoon. Honours in the morning went to Roger and Jim who both shot better than handicap.

Unfortunately only 7 of the archers shooting in the morning could take part in the afternoon and we were joined by Abby and Matt for the H2H. The ranking for the afternoon was:

1st James
2nd Val
3rd John
4th Mark
5th Susan
6th Paul
7th Gary
8th Abby
9th Matt

The first match was Abby v Matt and as Matt had only had six arrows in sighters to work out where to aim his Barebow, Abby with her recurve (and a sight mark) came through this round with a 6 – 2 victory

Onto the quarter finals and in the battle of the juniors Abby beat James 6 – 4.
The next match was last year’s runner-up Mark, against Susan. The H2H experience of Mark saw him through 6 – 0.
Up next was a battle of longbows with John and Paul both having equal handicap allowance. With both archers taking it in turns to shoot well if finally finished 6 – 4 to Paul.
The final quarter final was also all longbow with the inform Val proving too good for Gary trying longbow rather than his usual recurve.

The first semi-final pitted master against pupil in what turned out to be a very tight match. It went to the master, as Mark came back from losing the first end to beat Abby 6 – 2.
The other semi also finished 6 – 2 with Val beating Paul.

The final, recurve v longbow, Mark v Val, handicap allowance of 2 v handicap allowance of 12. The first end saw the highest score of the day as Val scored 35 to Mark’s 25 (yes they were level of made score). The second saw Mark step up a gear with a 28 (his best of the day) to beat Val’s 23. Third end also went to Mark winning 26 to 22 to put him 4 – 2 up.

What proved to be the final end also went to Mark and the club had a new champion, Mark winning 6 – 2.

Other than his first end, Mark had a score between 24 and 28 for every end showing that consistent good scoring is the way to the title.
A big thank you also to Barry our field captain for the day, Mark and Paul for setting up and all those who helped pack away.


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