New Year’s Day Fun shoot

‘Frogin’ Hood’

The forecast was not promising and it was, after all, New Year’s day morning, so I wasn’t expecting much of a turn out. How wrong could I be. Twenty club archers turned up full of bonhomie, hangovers and silly hats. The best turn out I can remember.

The day might have started overcast and we were all waiting for the rain, but luckily we got little more than a thin drizzle that failed to dampen our high spirits.

Mark had some devious tricks up his sleeve for us to attempt, just to add spice to the proceedings. Standing on one leg; dancing; shooting left handed; to name a few. That, plus the fact that we were all shooting the club jelly bows with unmatched arrows levelled the playing field somewhat.

It fell to the enthusiastic Andrew to show us how it should be done and he was rewarded by getting the highest score and the trophy.

Mince pies and hot drinks were partaken while the scores were totalled up. The rain got fed up with waiting and decided to open up just as we were all leaving for the pub. All in all, a good mornings fun.

Looking forward already to next year.

Happy New Year everybody.

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