Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot 2024 Results

This years tournament took place on the 19th of May. The day started off rather overcast but it got warmer as the day progressed. A special thanks to everyone who set up the field in the days leading up to the competition as well as the field party on the day who turned up early to help set up and helped with finding lost arrows.
A total of 35 archers took to the field shooting a variety of rounds. Results and photos are below.

Open Tournament – UKRS York/Hereford/Bristols 2024

We are please to announce our annual Open Tournament which will be taking place on the 19th of May 2024

Venue: Whiteleaf Bowmen, New Road, High Wycombe, HP27 0PP (What3Words – https://w3w.co/thinnest.tender.geese)
Rounds: York, Hereford and Bristols
Closing date for entries: 3 May 2024
For further information please download the entry form:

You may also enter via our online entry form at: https://forms.gle/KXa3Qp48DQyC9kPA6

Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot 2023 Results

The day finally arrived for the first Whiteleaf Bowmen Open Shoot post pandemic with 28 archers due to compete across all 9 targets.  The ground party arrived early to set up the field with mist swirling around but the prospect of a dry, maybe sunny shoot.  Some sterling work soon had the field ready for the shoot and it was great to see a full field of targets with pristine targets on, ready to greet the archers.

As our Chairperson Julie welcomed the archers and went through the admin, the sun started to appear and 27 archers prepared themselves for the challenge ahead.  The shoot went really smoothly under the control of the judges David and Meera and helped by the fact we only had one missing arrow the whole day.

At the end of a very enjoyable shoot, the top archers in each category received their medals from our Lady Paramount, Jan, and a hastily arranged raffle (thanks to those who provided prizes) raised over £100 for club funds.

Thanks to Neill for arranging the tournament and those archers who helped on the day.

Whiteleaf Bowmen classifications shot on the day
Master Bowmen (and club and county records[tbc])            –           Imran R
Bowman 1st Class        –           Julie M, Kevin J
Bowmen 2nd Class       –           Jan O, John W, Marc B, Brenda G
Bowmen 3rd Class       –           Paul F, Jon S


Open Tournaments for 2023

We are please to announce that we will be running 2 UK record status tournaments this year. Dates and entry forms below.

Longbow Tournament – Double National

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled for 2023 – all those who have entered have been contacted. If you have not received an email please do get in touch with the tournaments officer.

UKRS York / Hereford / Bristols

14 May 2023
Venue: Whiteleaf Bowmen, New Road, High Wycombe, HP27 0PP
Rounds: York, Hereford and Bristols
Closing date for entries: 28 April 2023
For further information please download the entry form:

Club Longbow and Barebow Champs 2022

On Sunday 28th August 2022 eight archers from Whiteleaf Bowmen gathered for the Club Longbow Championships. This year the competition was also opened up to Barebow archers from the club, recognising the growing number of Barebow archers within the club.

The day started fairly sedately with a National competition, 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 2 dozen at 50 yards. In traditional format the Longbow competition was judged by the number of hits, with score used as a tie break, whereas barebow were placed based on scores. With everyone warmed up and getting settled into a groove the next element of the competition would shake things up a bit.

This was a variation on the theme of a “Pope and Young” shoot. Five paper animal targets were placed downrange, and five shooting positions established. Each archer then had the opportunity to shoot five arrows from the one position, rotating round until they had shot five arrows from all of the positions. For the first stage of this each archer had 100 seconds to shoot all five arrows. Everyone was comfortably loosing all of their arrows within this time, so when the time for the next stage was dropped to 50 seconds the pressure was on. Subsequent stages saw the time drop to 40 seconds, and with the final stage only 30 seconds the pressure was on.

The final element of the day was a “Wand” shoot, which was one final chance for everyone to demonstrate their skill in hitting a 4” wide and 5’ tall stick placed at 40 yards. Andraes managed to hit this on his very first shot, with the longbows taking a bit more time to gauge the target. Both Paul and Julie managed a hit after a few attempts by everyone, but after a couple more arrows Paul managed to claim the prize.

Overall results

Gents Barebow Champion – Imran Rehman
Ladies Barebow Champion – Rukhsana Latif
Gents Longbow Champion – Paul Field
Ladies Longbow Champion – Julie Morling

Longbow Pope & Young Champion – Julie Morling

Wand Champion Longbow – Paul Field
Wand Champion Barebow – Andraes Kirschner

Best Unrewarded Score – John O’Keeffe

Overall Results

Buckinghamshire County Championships 2022

York/Hereford/Bristol/National (UKRS) – 21 August 2022

VenueAylesbury Rugby Football Club, Ostler’s Field, Brook End, Weston Turville, Bucks, HP22 5RN
JudgesDavid Strong
Cost£15 (York/Hereford/Bristol) £10 (National)
Registration, Assembly and start timesAssembly 08:30, sighters will start 08:45 for York/Hereford/Bristol rounds
Assembly for the National rounds will be at 13:45
AwardsCounty and visitor awards will be based on the York/Hereford/Bristol rounds
Closing Date31st July 2022

Full details are available in the entry form attached


Whiteleaf Bowmen Longbow Tournament 2022

VenueWhiteleaf Bowmen, New Road, High Wycombe, HP27 0PP
(What3Words – https://w3w.co/thinnest.tender.geese)
JudgesPat Kerrigan & John Gorman
RoundsDouble National
Cost£10 per archer
Registration, Assembly and start timesRegistration will be available from 08:00. AGB membership cards must be shown at registration.
Assembly 09:15, sighters will start 09:30
AwardsAwards will be top three scores in each class (subject to entries). Longbows only please
2019 trophy winners, please remember to return them.
Closing Date14th April 2022

Full details are available on the entry form attached