Treasurer Duties

  1. Administer the bank account
  2. Check and pay or query all bills as needed, using cheque or electronic banking or petty cash for minor amounts
  3. Attend committee meetings whenever possible – meetings are every 6 weeks alternating between Monday and Tuesday
  4. Produce a budget to allow the committee to plan accordingly
  5. Liaise with other committee members as necessary – mainly membership and Secretary – to provide prompt reporting of monies received from members via transfer – usually membership, clothing purchases and Christmas meal
  6. At the end of September produce a set of accounts comprising I&E account and Balance sheet and ensure asset register is updated
  7. Have produced accounts audited in time for AGM (assuming committee has appointed an auditor)
  8. Liaise with HMRC over any tax matters and matters arising from CASC status – Any changes to the constitution must be approved by HMRC to maintain CASC status (see HMRC CASC documentation)
  9. Liaise with suppliers as necessary – eg to inform those requiring access of changes to gate code etc