Tournaments Officer

Whiteleaf Bowmen Tournament Officer Job description.

This is essentially an administration job. Do not try to do everything yourself. You can’t. DELIGATE. You will discover a lot of club members will be willing to help, they just need direction. Direct them.

A. General.

Fix dates for future meetings. This is done at committee meetings and usually follows an annual format. (eg. First Sunday in April, or a week after the Pagoda shoot.etc.)

The dates also should be checked so they do not clash with other club’s tournaments. Remember to delegate jobs.

B. Club Events.

The club has several shoots that are solely for club members. These are listed in the club calendar.

A few weeks before each shoot send out a reminder to the membership via the secretary.

A few days before the shoot ask for helpers. You will need help with setting out the field so liaise with the equipment officer; let him/her know what you need. Other jobs include, cleaning, signs, trophies and medals, score sheets.

On the day arrange someone to act as Lady P, Judge, and scorer. Get the field set up early so it ready and welcoming when the competitors arrive.

After the shoot get the field party to clear away. Work out the scores with the scorers. Organise the prize giving. Thank everybody for their help and generally take all the glory for a good day’s shooting.

C. Open Shoots.

The club runs two open shoots. We may be adding a third soon. These are tournaments that are open to any archer in the country who wants to have a go. Jobs for these shoots are very similar to the club tournaments but require a bit more care and detail. At present, we run an Invitation Longbow shoot and an Open Hereford shoot.

A couple of months before the shoot, set out the details of the shoot, including how to find us. Check this with the secretary and chairmen then send out the invitations to all the local clubs. In the case of the Open shoot send an entry to Archery UK magazine calendar so it gets in the winter edition. You will soon start receiving entry forms that will need collating. Build up a target list. (A tournament scoring computer programme is available if wanted). Cheques go to the treasurer after the shoot.

Arrange for at least one judge, usually one of the senior club members will agree to do it. Also, invite a well known lady archer to be Lady paramount for the day. Traditionally you ask the last year’s lady winner, but that is not a hard and fast rule.

About a week before the shoot send out the target list to all entrants. Arrange catering. We usually put on tea after the shoot and a BBQ at lunch time. Remember the sherry for the longbow shoot.! Badger the club members for raffle prizes, and put the field party on standby.

The day before the event make sure the clubhouse and loos are cleaned. Check things like petrol for the generator and if there is enough gas for the BBQ. Get the score sheets printed. Check there are flowers for the Lady P, a gift for the judge. Nominate a raffle organiser. Nominate a carpark attendant armed with yellow jacket. Nominate a scorer. Remember to delegate.

On the day, get the field set up early. Arrange to have the direction, safety and gonfalon signs put out even earlier. Give out the awards with the lady P and Chairman. Thank everybody and encourage them to come back next year.

After the tournament clear the field, clean up the hut and arrange to have the signs collected up and put away. Go home and have a big drink, you’ve earned it.