Records Officer

The Role of the Records Officer

Responsibilities include:

  • Collect scoresheets from club hut or indoor venue and enter the scores into Golden Records software.
  • Maintain records on the software, adding new archers, new scores, new seasons and noting club records and archers shooting better than average.
  • Providing handicap information when requested through the season including prints of current handicaps for the club hut.
  • Providing a list of those archers who have gained new classifications or broken/set club records for the December and April awards evenings.
  • Providing current handicaps to calculate performances and points for the outdoor frostbite competition and indoor BA handicap competition.


Each record takes 1 – 4 minutes to enter on the software depending on whether the score needs checking or not. Everything else is taken care of by the software and just needs updating when new updates come out. Producing reports takes a little longer as the output is not in a great format when it is output in to word or excel.

Other jobs currently undertaken by Records Officer:

  • Submit scores externally for BA Indoor indoor Portsmouth Shoots
  • Submit scores externally for Frostbite competition
  • Run the club Head 2 Head handicap competition