Beginners Courses Coordinator

The role of the Beginners Courses Coordinator

When an enquiry comes in I send out application forms by email, for juniors I also send a parental agreement form. The application form needs to be updated for dates and venue from course to course and I usually do this at the end of each course ready for the next. We limit the numbers to 20 for outdoors and 15 indoors

Once the limit is reached I send an email to all those who have enquired telling them that the course is full and asking if they want to go onto the list to be sent application forms for the next course. I also ask Neil Allen to amend the website, stating that the course is full and date of the next course

We regularly get people wanting to arrange courses as a present for birthdays and Christmas. I usually deal with this by getting the donor to check that the recipient will definitely be able to make the dates and completing the form on their behalf.

I acknowledge receipt of completed applications via email. They mostly come back by email and a bank transfer so you must print out their forms. Some you will receive by post and a cheque. Where they pay online I ask the Treasurer to check and let me know when they have paid. Give any cheques received to him to bank. I run an on going spread sheet showing the name of the participant, their payment and date the bank transfer/cheque was paid.

About one week before the course starts I send an email to all the members of the course to remind them when and where to arrive and suitable clothing. I always copy the Club Coach and Roger Jones who runs the line and does the certificates.

I check with the Coach as early as possible that he can manage the dates of the course, and Roger Jones who runs the line. On occasion, Roger has stepped in to run a session that the coach has been unable to make.

The Secretary books the hall for the February course, but it is useful to liaise re dates to make sure the hall is available. For the February course liaise with the Equipment Officer to get the equipment to the hall.

I send an email to the Secretary for her to send to club members asking for help usually about 3 or 4 weeks before the start. I ask that they respond and let me know what sessions they can do. The Archery GB rule is that only members with three years experience can instruct on the line. Send a copy of the confirmed list of course participants to Roger Jones ( who arranges the certificates of completion at the end ) and to the Coach.

Provisionally allocate bows on the lists based on height, age gender and physical issues(e.g. back problems) and handedness. Check with membership secretary that they can be there on the last session to explain about membership.

On the first session, complete the clubs part of the parental agreement forms for junior and hand those to the parents.

Each week you will need to note which members have attended to help, as they get a discount on membership for helping. I do this on a piece of paper, Then type it up. This goes off to the membership secretary so that the discounts can be applied in August when members subs are due.

At the end of the last session invite everyone back to a Sunday club shoot usually one week after the last session. That is when we take membership applications and deal with bow hire contracts so again you need to make sure the right people can attend to deal with those ( membership secretary and me for bow hire ). We take £50 cash for deposit on bow/arrow hire placed into an envelope with the participants name on the front ( this gets returned to them when we cheques the equipment back in about 2 weeks before the next course starts ) and £10 for every month they need to hire. Roger hands out the certificates and we give everyone a copy of the etiquette and safety notes.

After the last session I send an email to all course members reminding them of the Sunday shoot and giving advice on how to continue plus a copy of etiquette and safety notes. Again I cheque with the Coach and about four members to help and keep an eye on the beginners.